Rain on your wedding day? No worries!

I will be the first to admit that I was one of those people. I had an excel spreadsheet with 20+ weather websites on it, tracking the weather information for my wedding day from about 3 weeks out, every morning and night. Now the rational side of me knows that they can't accurately predict weather this far out and that Melbourne loves to go through all 4 seasons in one day. That, however, fell on deaf ears no matter how many time my then fiance (now husband) would tell me. Bless his heart, future Zoe apologies.. We were getting married (semi-eloping) in April at a gorgeous campsite in Glenmaggie, Victoria, full glamping style and tipi style bell tents. That year April was unseasonably warm so I had high hopes. Weather websites would all tell me different things, some torrential rain, others sunshine and rainbows and so of course I believed the ones that best fit my 'vision' of our wedding day (read: sunshine and rainbows). Looking back I legitimately laugh at myself, thinking about this, but at the time it felt like it was one of the most important things on the planet. I was clearly being irrational and you know what.. that is okay. When you are planning your wedding you don't often see rain or bad weather in your 'plans' and don't really count for it other than having a back up 'wet weather' option. I am here to tell you that it if it does rain on your wedding day, it is going to be okay! In fact I think rainy wedding photo are so romantic. Perhaps the vision of your wedding day will change a bit, but in the end you get to marry your best friend regardless of rain or shine! The weather won't dictate how absolutely excited and happy you and your family and friends will be about your celebration of love!

To cut a long story short, it did rain on my wedding day (including some 80km gale force winds that meant we had to have a last minute change of venue) BUT that also meant we got a gorgeous rainbow during portraits and I still cried like an absolute baby during the ceremony because I was happy to marry my husband. Rain and weather did not effect that whatsoever. There was a moment during the portraits where I straight up laughed and told my husband 'why was I worried about the weather at all?!' Being on the other side of this and looking at it from a wedding photographer's perspective I am here to tell you that everything is going to be okay! Having shot my fair share of weddings in the rain I can tell you that in great confidence! Here are some tips to embrace and love your rainy wedding day!

1. Embrace the rain! This!! I cannot stress this enough. Worrying about getting a bit wet during the portraits won't reflect great in your photos. In fact embracing it, laughing and having a great time in the rain makes for the best photos in my opinion!

2. Have a wet weather ceremony option Most venues will have this option and let you know all about it when you book in, however if you are having a wedding on a private property this is something to make sure you have thought about! Whether it is indoors, under an undercover area or in a marquee, its good to have an option if it is raining during your ceremony. It is important to think about your guests during this decision as you don't want any young or elderly guests to get soaked.

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